About Us
MAROOWOOD - company
has been making accessories since 2017.
During this time, they have successfully established themselves among wholesale and retail buyers both in Russia and abroad.

Our advantages

For the manufacture of linings, we tested the strength of more than 20 types of paints and varnishes from manufacturers from different countries.
We used test pads along and across, arranged crash tests, so that the output was the most top-end, wear-resistant, high-quality, and most importantly, affordable product for everyone.
For 3 years of work, we have developed over 200 drawings for wooden accessories.
Produced as one exclusive epoxy patch with gold patal, and wholesale in 1000 wooden pads at a time, for a large manufacturer.
More than 60 partners trust our company, in 2019 alone we have customized about 6000 hookahs.
We can proudly call ourselves customer-oriented, we are responsible for the quality of our products and we give a 1-year warranty.
Мы осуществляем доставку по всему миру.
Экспресс доставка 2-4 дня по РФ производится ТК СДЭК.
Стоимость доставки всего 299 рублей.
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Стоимость экспресс доставки СДЭК от 299 руб. оплата доставки при получении.
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